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Meet Richard Quisenberry 


Richard B. Quisenberry has a passion to help others. He has worked diligently to add value to the lives of his staff, students, clients, and friends for the past 34 years. Apart from the John Maxwell team of professionals, Richard is a certified speaker/trainer that inspires positive life change by helping people achieve goals and dreams both personally and professionally. 


He has been involved in the field of education since 1983 where he has served in the educational realm as a Principal, District Complaint Coordinator, Crisis Prevention Instructor, Intervention Specialist, Health Teacher, Physical Education/Adaptive Education Teacher, Lead Teacher, and Athletic Coach (basketball, football, track). Richard is also a published author who writes children stories as well as inspirational poetry. Other leadership roles include the founder of Relentless Basketball Training Program, Personal Fitness Trainer, Founder/CEO of Q&A Painting, Facilitator of Christian marriage support groups, Organized camps, community outreach programs, Staff at Ohio Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) Summer Camps.

"I truly believe that every facet of life centers around relationships. No matter what we are attempting to accomplish, become, pursue in life, our ability to develop, maintain, and enjoy relationships with others is the key to a good life. Being able to connect with others means focusing less on one’s self and meeting the needs of the people around you. I believe having a family in your life is such a wonderful gift that is often overlooked by so many people. There is nothing in life that will ever equal the value that I place on family and friends."

- Quis


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